Monday 16 July 2012

Easy Brunch Eggs

I know you’re out there – you love caker food, but keep it your dark, dirty secret. During the day, you dine on things like bok choy and lentils, but when you come home at night, you’re spooning Marshmallow Fluff straight from the jar. You might as well face it – you’re a closet caker.

What you need is a recipe that helps you bring your love of caker food out into the open; a dish that washes the shame away. Easy Brunch Eggs are here to the rescue. If Martha Stewart ever came to my house for breakfast (and stranger things have happened in my life), I wouldn’t think twice about serving these to her. Heck, she'd probably ask for ketchup.

Just look at these beauts! And who’d ever guess there were only three ingredients?  (Martha certainly wouldn’t.) I even put some long, narrow vegetable things next to them to make everything look more sophisticated.

The only thing missing from this dish? The closet, my caker friends. But you’re better off without it.

12, or more, slices of any bread (See Note 1)
12 eggs, or more
Butter or margarine
Salt and pepper to taste

Lightly spray muffin pan with Pam. Butter sliced bread lightly. Place bread, buttered side up, in muffin cups. Do not tear bread. In the centre of bread, break egg. Add salt and pepper and toppings if desired. i.e. bacon bits, cheese, chives (See Note 2). Bake for 10 minutes at 350º until bread is golden brown and egg white is firm (See Note 3). Yummy and easy.

Note 1: I cut the crusts off because I thought they’d look nicer. I dealt with some egg spillage, but I don't know if the keeping the crusts on would help or not. In any case, things were a little messy, but not overly bad.

Note 2: I spread a little Dijon mustard on the bread and topped them with cheddar cheese. Delish!

Note 3: I prefer my yolks on the firm side, so I left them in closer to 15-20 minutes.

Source: Treasured Recipes, Birr United Church


  1. Dijon mustard? Cheddar cheese?


    Who are you and what have you done with Brian? The *real* Brian would have made this with French's and Kraft Singles, and served it with potato chips and Tang.

    Brian, if you're out there, blink your location in Morse code and I'll come rescue you!

    1. Help me, Veg-o-matic. I've been kidnapped by Scientologists. Send Katie!!

  2. Replies
    1. You want fancy? When I sat down to eat this, I tucked a real paper napkin into my collar and not a paper towel like I usually do.

  3. My dad used to make these when I was young. (I am anon of the Brown Fluff).

    PS I love this blog!

    1. Hello, Fifilaru! Great name and glad you like Caker Cooking. Just so you're aware, there are side effects that come with the blog. Namely indigestion and edema.

  4. Ok I'm Italian but this blog is making me in to a Cake lover. My Mom is going to be really upset and let's not even mention it to Nonna.

    1. lustandfury, I'm glad to hear my blog hasn't shkeeved you too much. I know how sensitive your people are when it comes to food. And I promise I won't say a word to Nonna. The Ragu will be our little secret.