Monday 10 December 2012

Cocktail Meatballs

Folks, there’s no cause for alarm. That bouquet of Charlie perfume and shrimp cocktail sauce you’ve been smelling lately isn’t the sign of a stroke. It simply means that Caker Christmas Cocktail Party Season (or CCCPS) is in full swing.

Caker holiday parties are great because you get to hover around a nut-crusted cheese ball, snoop through people’s medicine cabinets and play Connect Four. And there's always someone in reindeer antlers who has too many rum and Cokes and refuses to come out of the bathroom.

Guaranteed you'll find these tangy meatballs during CCCPS. The ingredients may not look too appetizing (grape jelly and chili sauce?) but a bit of magic happens when the two are combined. Don’t forget the toothpicks. You don’t want to burn your fingers fishing the meatballs out of the pot.

Prepare small one-bite size meatballs and fry until well done. (See note 1.) This can be done ahead and then stored in the refrigerator.

Sauce: Make up just before serving. Combine equal amounts of Heinz Chili Sauce and Welch’s Grape Jelly to desired volume. (See note 2.)

Warm until the mixture is glassy. Add meatballs to sauce and warm thoroughly. (See note 3.) Serve in a chafing dish on cocktail sticks. An excellent party appetizer.

Note 1: Or do what I did and buy the pre-cooked frozen ones and heat them in the sauce.
Note 2: I made about 30 meatballs and used 2 cups each of chili sauce and jelly.
Note 3: I let mine simmer for about a half hour. You can also do them in a slower cooker.

Source: Mixed Blessings Book of Recipes, Salem United Church

(Not exactly a title that inspires confidence, is it?)


  1. Mmmm, I love these. Actually, everybody--no matter how sophisticated they pretend to be--loves these. I'm with you on the frozen meatballs. They're so much easier, not to mention much rounder than my homemade ones.
    Also, these meatballs don't stink up the house.

    1. There are few things worse than stinky balls smelling up your house.

  2. I am THISCLOSE to making the weenie version of this on Friday for a cocktail party. The last time I was at these folks' house I made a nut-encrusted cheese ball. They know what to expect. :)
    Also, re: stinky balls. You are preaching to the converted.

    1. Yinzerella, you can't go wrong with weenies. Hope you end up making them. If you do, let me know how they turn out.

  3. These are on my menu for Christmas eve, along with hot dogs wrapped up in crescent roll dough. I may also need to sneak in a batch of marshmallow squares. 'Tis the season to sneak in the calories!! :) Merry Caker Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Jane! Sounds like you're planning a real fancy Christmas Eve. Don't forget the homemade Bailey's Irish Cream to round out the evening.