Monday 11 August 2014

The Thing

While cakers are good at many things (latch hooking being one of them), we aren’t good at one very important thing: naming our food. I mean, what’s up, peeps? Haven’t you ever heard of an adjective?

Some of you may remember my Unfortunately Named Caker Recipe Month whereupon we discovered such gems as Corn Ring, Bun Spread and Pink Thing. Had I discovered The Thing back then, I would’ve included it in the line-up.

I’m pretty sure the woman who submitted this recipe for the Owen Sound Y.M.C.A. cookbook back in 1976 made up the recipe. And no doubt she named it herself. But think of all the unnecessary confusion she’s caused since then.

Setting: A church basement. Tables laden with ham salad and salmon salad sandwiches. Bowls of JELL-O glisten. A coffee percolator gurgles.

“Helen, what was the thing you brought to the last luncheon?”
“That’s right.”
“Begya pardon?”
“You mean The Thing.”
“Yes, but what was it called?”
“I already told you, Gladys. The Thing.”
“Helen, I’m not finding this funny.”
“It’s The Thing, Gladys!”
“Helen, have you been sniffing perm solution again?”

Anyways, The Thing is good. It’s like the chocolate cousin of a Hello Dolly, less the maraschino cherries. And if you want to call it The Thing, go right ahead. Just don’t blame me when people start yelling at you.

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Melt 1 cup brown sugar in ½ cup butter
Add 4 tablespoons cocoa and 1 egg. Stir well.
Remove from stove and add:
½ cup chopped nuts
2 cups graham wafer crumbs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Press into greased 8” pan. Mix 1 cup dessicated coconut with ½ can Eagle Brand milk and spread over cake mixture. Ice with a chocolate butter icing and keep in refrigerator. Cut into squares.

Source: The New Y Cook Book, Owen Sound, Ontario


  1. Who doesn't like a good square I tell you!!!??? Also, the cover of this cookbook is pretty funky (circa 1973 I'm guessing). The title looks rather like "The New Cooky Book" .

    1. I like the design of the cookbook. I held it a few feet away from my face, slowly rotated it and hypnotized myself.