Monday 5 December 2011

Holly Cookies

Here’s a great way to share the wonder of Caker Christmas with the young’uns in your life. These Holly cookies are easy for kids to make and they taste great. Just like a Rice Krispies Square. Only they’re made with corn flakes…and they’re, uh, green. But aside from that, totally like Rice Krispies Squares.

½ cup butter or margarine
2 packages marshmallows (see Note #1)
1½ teaspoons vanilla
green food colouring
7½ cups corn flakes

Melt margarine and marshmallows. Add vanilla and food colouring. Pour over corn flakes. Fold to mix. Drop by spoonful onto cookie sheets. Add cinnamon candies or cherries for decoration. (See Note #2)

Note #1: I found 250g bags of marshmallows and 400g bags. I opted to go with two 250g bags, although you could try getting away with a single 400g bag.

Note #2: I can't put those cinnamon hearts on anything if it isn't Februray. I'm sorry. I guess I'm a purist. I opted for red M&Ms which gave a nice hit of chocolate. Plus I think they look nicer. Remember to place them "m" side down.

Source: With Hearts that Care and Hands that Serve, Outlook, Saskatchewan


  1. Hmm. I'm liking the free-form holly business. I've only seen these as little wreaths, which look like infinitely more trouble.
    I understand your feelings about the cinnamon candies. Can you even *get* them at Christmas time? Plus, the addition of M&Ms makes just about everything better.

  2. Life is short. Well, too short to spend your time trying to make these look like wreaths. You can likely find cinnamon hearts at this time of year, but chances are, they're left over from last Valentine's Day. Ew.

  3. No, you can get the cinnamon candies where the jimmies (sprinkles) and cake decorating supplies are.

    Also, it freaks me out that these are shiny.

  4. Aha! No idea what cinnamon candies are (although I do like the sound of them). There are SO DEFINITELY going to be some of these made and scoffed around North London this Christmas.

    1. Let them scoff. Then watch at they scarf them down.

  5. Scarf them down they did! Mine weren't as luminous as yours (marshmallows only come in mixed bags of white and pink here as far as I know and I BET you used all white ones) but the shininess was indeed remarked upon. Full report here:

    Much love at this festive time. Can't wait to hear about your party on Sunday x

    1. You did a great job, Lya! Sounds like they were a hit. I had to laugh at what some of the comments you got from people.