Friday 9 December 2011

Holiday Caker Baker Cereal Boxes

This Caker Christmas, why not surprise that special someone on your list with a nicely decorated cereal box?

Caker Baker Cereal Boxes are an elegant – and economical – way to transport your baked goods this holiday season. For detailed instructions on how to make your own, click here.

I wrapped this Life cereal box in some old holiday paper I found in the garage. There’s simply no better way to say, "I care about you, but not enough to purchase a tin."


  1. I am SO going to do this. And now I shall go in search of the recipe for the contents - some kind of cereal with green food colouring?

    1. Any coloured cereal will do. Just not brown. Anything brown in a cereal box is bound to disturb the person you're giving it to.