Saturday 11 June 2011

Caker Baker Cereal Box Containers

It's a dilema all of us have faced at one time or another.  You’ve been asked to contribute to a bake sale, but you’ll be damned if yet another one of your Tupperware containers goes missing in the process.

Caker Baker Cereal Box Containers are a practical, cheap and environmentally-friendly solution.

Take an empty cereal box and tape down any open flaps.
Use an X-Acto knife to cut along both sides, leaving 1” at the top and along the edge.
Continue to cut halfway down the short edge of the box and cut across the short edge
to join the two cuts on either side.
Lift up the lid, line the inside with waxed paper et voila!  
Close it up and you're on your way!

      Who gives a shit if you never see this again? For those of you with a creative flair, accent your box with sequins, scrap felt or even feathers. This is your chance to outshine all those boring paper plates and soon-to-be-missing Tupperware containers.


  1. Save the inner bag the cereal was packed in, dust it off, and no need to spend extra on wax paper!

    I’ve also seen a very elegant version of this where the bag was taped inside the opening to make a window lid.

    1. Mephyle, you are one crafty caker. It never even occured to me to save the cereal bag, let alone make a window. I simply can't think of a more elegant presentation. Thanks for sharing.