Saturday 9 February 2013

Reader Recipe: Mexican Hat

Reader month continues with a traditional Mexican treat!

Cakers love anything Mexican. I’m talking Taco Bell sauce (mild, of course), Kahlua and piñatas. Which reminds me – don’t drink a bottle of Kahlua and then try to hit something with a baseball bat while blindfolded. I’m speaking from experience.

When Caker Cooking reader, Mattel 1974, sent me this recipe (if you can call it a recipe; it’s more of an “assembly of ingredients,” but that’s true of all caker food) I knew I had to share it with the world. Turns out Mattel 1974 used to work at a restaurant called The Jolly Miller and Mexican Hat was a favourite dessert of the senior men who ate there. (I have a feeling rice pudding was a close second.)

When I was growing up, we couldn’t afford real chocolate sauce. I had to improvise with hot chocolate powder and water. I still can’t afford real chocolate sauce, so I did the same thing here. It’s just as good – provided you don’t mind the grit. As to how it tasted, well, you could put sprinkles on the phone book and I’d eat it. Enough said.

Mattel 1974, as they say in Mexico, “nachos gracious” for the recipe. I tip my (Mexican) hat to you.

Take a stale cake donut. Put a scoop of ice cream in the hole. Pour some chocolate sauce over top. Add sprinkles. Invite an elderly man over.

Source: The Jolly Miller via Mattel 1974


  1. Replies
    1. It's a pretty classy hat, all right. But it's hard finding a purse to match.

  2. Did you try it? Was it good? What did the old gentlemen think? Just wondering, what about it is exactly Mexican??

    1. It was pretty tasty, fiflaru. I've never combined ice cream and donuts before, but it's a happy marriage in my book. As far as the old gentlemen, I walked into my local retirement home and went room to room, asking if anyone wanted to taste my Mexican Hat. Needless to say, it didn't take long for security to arrive.

    2. As far as why it's called Mexican Hat, I think it's supposed to look like a sombrero. "Supposed" being the key word here.

    3. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture. My 12 yr old who was born an old man (upon graduating from kindergarten he.proclaimed he was glad to be getting away from all of the whiners, and just today he told me some book he had to read for school was "poetic gibberish") will love this to bits.

    4. You tell him that a serving of Mexican Hat will make all that poetic gibberish sound much better.