Friday 7 June 2013

Pink Thing Winners!

Hosting contests is stressful because I always think, “What if I don’t get any entries?” So I was over the moon with the entries I received in my Pink Thing contest. I immediately called Mother and said, "See? I do have friends."

You’ve all been waiting with bated breath, and now I’m happy to announce the winner…or is that the winners?

Yes, that’s right. I chose two entries. Congratulations to veg-o-matic and bluerhondda! You’re both getting signed copies of my book, Fruit. No need to pinch yourselves. (But please email me at cakercooking at gmail dot com with your mailing addresses so I can send you the book.)

Thanks to everyone who entered. You made my Pink Thing proud.

Speaking of pink, check back Monday for something orange. And frothy.

Here's veg-o-matic's inspired Pink Thing entry (sung to the tune of "Think Pink.")

Pink Thing!
Pink Thing—it’s a Caker Ooh la la!
Pink Thing!
The dessert with a certain je ne sais pas!
Jell-O’s out, pie’s passé,
Cake’s de trop and déclassé.
And there is not the slightest excuse
For chocolate mousse
Or soufflé!
Pink Thing!
One spoonful will make your taste buds thrill!
Pink Thing—why, it’s even better than Whip ‘N Chill!
This most delicious Caker dish is
Even popular in Beijing
It’ll make you dance a Highland Fling—
Pink Thing!

And here's bluerhondda's entry, which rhymes "lick" with "dick" and "raunchy" with "paunchy." Quite the skill set.

Pink Thing's easy
Pink Thing's cool
Pink Thing's like a Caker fool*

Pink Thing may sound
kinda raunchy
(and it makes your tummy paunchy)

But if you like
desserts to lick
it's one step up
from Spotted Dick!

* fruity dessert


  1. Congratulations to the winners. Well deserved, I say.

  2. I might actually make some Pink Thing this weekend to celebrate!

  3. Yes. Congrats! I'd wanted to enter but just couldn't come up with anything half as creative as the entries I read (veg-o-matic - that was inspired ; )

    1. Thank you! I tried to work Caker Christmas into it but I got distracted or something.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Well earned!Can't wait for the orange thing on Monday.Do say hi to your Mother for me!

  5. Oh my!!! I'd like to thank my half-brit husband for teaching me about cockney rhymes and English pudding, and Brian Francis for his sweetly salacious blog-o-fun. Can't wait to read Fruit!