Friday 31 January 2014

Tomato Soup Cake vs. The Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake

The Great Canadian Ketchup Cake

A couple of years ago, I posted the recipe for the caker classic, Tomato Soup Cake. Well, actually, I posted two: Vera’s recipe and Gwen’s recipe, both of Melfort, Saskatchewan. I did a taste test and Vera walked away the champ.

Last year, I posted the recipe for The Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake, which tasted pretty good. Some people thought it tasted better than Tomato Soup Cake. That got me thinking.

Toronto Star food editor, Corey Mintz, recently had me over for a caker dinner party. Corey’s a bit on the fancy side. (He’s the Grey Poupon to my French’s mustard.) But dang if he didn’t put on a good spread!

Tomato Soup Cake

I'm talking Broccoli CasseroleBaked Frankfurters and Taco Salad Casserole. The only thing missing was an episode of Hee Haw playing in the background. He also made something fancy with Cream of Wheat. I can’t remember the name, but I’m pretty sure it started with “Le.”

For dessert, I brought a Tomato Soup Cake and a Ketchup Cake, each topped with cream cheese icing. Then I asked the guests to pick their favourite.

So which cake won?

Vera, I hope Melfort realizes they’ve got a Martha Stewartson in their midst. Tomato Soup cake was the hands-down winner. Some said it was the nuts. Some said it was the raisins. Folks, it's the soup.

Check out Corey’s caker column here.

P.S. Get ready for Reader Recipe Month starting Monday!


  1. Hi Brian, Well, who knew?! The important stuff you learn here. This one was very amusing. :D

    I happen to love French's mustard and not like Grey Poupon at all. I squirt yellow mustard on various salads and tuna salad, for sure.

    1. I love French's mustard as well. I've even used it as hand cream from time to time. Although you have to listen to people asking, "Who's eating hot dogs?" for the entire day.

  2. The tomato soup cake continues to mystify me. It went into the oven tasting like barbecue sauce and came out tasting like really good pumpkin bread. I took it to a bunch of friends. Word got out about the secret ingredient and, to my astonishment, the table was swarmed with curious people who tried it and couldn't believe it had canned soup in it. The cake was demolished.