Friday 12 September 2014

Reader Recipe: Cherry Jumbles

Here we are – the second recipe of the second week of Reader Recipe Month! Those who make it to the end get a free bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Today’s recipe comes from Bob, who I once christened as the Duke of Cakers because he’s the man who introduced me to Tang Pie as well as Twinkie Cake. And as far as I’m concerned, that makes you the Fergie of caker royalty.

Now hold onto your rain bonnets, because Cherry Jumbles is a recipe Bob invented on his own! Well, it's really packaged cookie mix, but Bob came up with the idea of adding things to the mix. If that’s not a sign of caker geniousity, I don’t know what is.

I couldn’t find sugar cookie mix at No Frills. I did, however, find chocolate chip cookie mix, which saved me from having to buy the chocolate chips. (Bob, looks like you’ve got some competition in the caker geniousity department. LOL!)

Because Bob recently commented that he wanted to hear more from my taste-tester, the Reluctant Eye-talian, here’s what the Reluctant Eye-talian said when he saw Bob's cookies.

“Eesch. Those are ugly.”

Still want to hear more from the Reluctant Eye-talian, Bob?

Anyways, I liked them. They had maraschino cherries, after all. You could roll a maraschino cherry in sawdust and I’d still eat it. In fact, I think I once did.

Thanks, Bob! Check out Bob’s blog, The Fondue, and come back Monday for another scrumptious reader recipe.

1 pouch sugar cookie mix
¼  to ½ cup chopped drained maraschino cherries (See note 1)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (see not 2)
Almond extract

Prepare cookie mix as package directs. If instructions call for liquid, substitute cherry juice; if not, add enough juice to the dough to make it bright pink and delicious. Add a few drops of almond extract and the chocolate chips. Bake as directed on package. When cookies are completely cool, glaze.

Cherry Glaze
Enough milk and cherry juice combined to equal ¼ cup. It should be bright pink and opaque.
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
Few drops almond extract.

Combine and spread on cookies. Let harden.

Bob’s notes:

1. I give a range because it really depends on how many cherries you eat while chopping them. Aim for ½ cup, but be satisfied with whatever you end up with.  Better get the big jar next time. If there’s any juice left over (ha!), drink it.

2. The miniature kind are fun.

Source:  Bob, Duke of Cakers 


  1. Sorry but I have to agree with the Eye-talian. These cookies not only look disgusting, the ingredients in the recipe are too highfaluting for my caker taste buds.Marshinco Cherries -ugh!!!! And Almond flavouring! Double ugh. I leave this to the Caker Gourmands. Shudders to self.

    1. Please don't ever agree with the Eye-talian. It only makes him stronger. I can't believe you don't like maraschino cherries! What's not to love? It's shellacked fruit.

  2. Sugar cookies with maraschino cherries topped with more sugar and maraschino juice - what's not to like?

    1. Don't forget the chocolate chips, Kari. That cements the deal.

  3. Once again, I don my Caker Crown with pride. These have been a big hit at Christmas, even with my won't-eat-anything-but-chocolate husband.
    That said, they look a whole lot better when you use sugar cookie mix; that way they're bright pink instead of pinky-brown. Even just saying that gives me the shudders.
    And I can't believe someone doesn't like maraschino cherries! They're 114% sugar, fercryingoutloud. Plus chemicals!
    To be fair, the Eye-talian is entitled to his opinion, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

    1. Noted, Bob. Let's face it - pinky-brown doesn't look good on anyone. It dulls the complexion. Pay no attention to the maraschino haters. You just keep cherrying on, my friend.

  4. Maraschino or bust! These look pretty good -- I'll bet they'd make good ice cream sandwiches with a little cherry-chocolate chip