Friday 28 July 2023

Welcome to Caker Cooking!

Do you like casseroles? Is Cream of Mushroom soup a vegetable in your world? Do you consider JELL-O a side dish? Then this site is for you!

Although my arteries forced me to stop blogging at the end of 2014, there’s lots for you to explore on the site, including over 250 recipes from over 60 community and church cookbooks. Some recipes are delicious. And some are…well, let’s just say the journey is always interesting. And beige. Very, very beige.

I still post occasionally if I feel the world needs it. (Mind you, I'm not asking the world if it agrees.) But sometimes, a good casserole can turn a bad day around. 

I'm always happy to respond to comments or questions. I hope you enjoy your visit. Happy (caker) cooking!


Monday 3 July 2023

Best Macaroni and Cheese

When I was growing up, macaroni and cheese was considered one of the four food groups. The other three being ketchup, grape Kool Aid and Rice-a-Roni. Kraft Dinner has been the leader of the mac pack for years, but with so many other varieties on the market, I thought it was time to see how KD holds up to the competition.

I rated 14 brands of boxed macaroni and cheese. It was epic - and cheesy - but this was important work. Check out the results of my latest taste test by visiting my author blog.