The Caker Cookbooks

Garage sales, hand-me-downs, antique markets, dumpsters. You name it, I've been there, looking for my next coil-bound gem. Over the years, I've amassed quite the collection. Most of the cookbooks come from small communities and organizations and feature the names of the people from that community.

I've compiled a list of the cookbooks I've used on this blog so far. And believe me, there are more. Like, a lot. I'm a borderline Hoarders episode.

If you recognize any of them from your own community, email me at cakercooking at gmail dot com.

And while you're at it, send me your own favourite caker recipes. If I haven't made it and it looks good interesting, I'll post it on the blog.

Happy can opening!


Title: Favourite Recipes
Association: Skudesnes Lutheran, 75th anniversary
Year: 1981
Location: Loreburn, Saskatchewan

Recipes from this book: Waikiki Meatballs, Rice Krispies Golf Balls, French Fry Casserole, Orange Cottage Cheese Salad

Title: The Best of Enbridge
Association: Enbridge
Year: N/A
Location: Canada-wide

Recipes from this book: Popcorn Salad, Delicious Corn Bake, Broccoli Casserole, Chicken Crescent Squares, Quick and Easy Skor Bars, Special K Meatless Roast, Cranberry Chicken, Coca Cola Salad, Orange Julius Shake, Deluxe Rice Krispies Cake

Title: St. Mary's C.W.L. Grafton Cookbook
Association: Catholic Women's League
Year: 1993
Location: Grafton, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Pineapple Cream Cake, Low Calorie Salad, Novelty Dancing Snowballs, Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Title: Let's Break Bread Together
Association: United Church of Canada
Year: 1988
Location: Canada-wide

Recipes from this book: Salmon Cheese Casserole, Dump Cake, Peanut Butter Cauliflower Casserole, Imperial Cheese CookiesGreen Bean Casserole

Title: From Our... Kitchens...To Yours
Association: Melfort Block Parents Association
Year: N/A
Location: Melfort, Saskatchewan

Recipes from this book: Tomato Soup Cake

Title: Cooking Favorites of Cobourg
Association: Ladies Auxiliary Branch 133, Royal Canadian Legion
Year: 1974
Location: Cobourg, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Creamy Fantasy Fudge

Title: With Hearts That Care and Hands That Serve
Association: Outlook and District Volunteer Services
Year: 1998
Location: Outlook, Saskatchewan

Recipes from this book: Nuts and Bolts, Holly Cookies, Marg's Cuban Lunch

Title: Our 20th Anniversary Cookbook
Association: Lambeth Co-operative Preschool Inc.
Year: 1994
Location: Lambeth, Ontario

Recipes from this book: JELL-O Popcorn Balls, Spaghetti Pie, Cheese Snacks, Puppy Chow, Stuffed Mushrooms, Five Minute Fudge

Title: Centennial Cookbook
Association: Church of the Hosannas
Year: 1988
Location: Hyde Park, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Ranch House Casserole, Lady Fingers

Title: Culinary Creations Down the Line
Association: Interprovincial Pipeline
Year: 1990
Location: Canada-wide

Recipes from this book: Chocolate Haystacks, Health Squares

Title: Centennial Plus One Cookbook
Association: Runnymede United Church
Year: N/A
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Recipes from this book: No-Bake Fruitcake, Captain Crunch Cookies

Title: Favorites of My Family
Association: Charlotte H. Hansen, Food Editor, Jamestown Sun
Year: 1972
Location: Jamestown, North Dakota

Recipes from this book: Paper Bag Apple Pie

Title: From the Lakeshore Ladies Kitchens
Year: N/A
Location: N/A

Recipes from this book: Hello Dollies, Santa's Balls

Title: The Four Ingredient Cookbook
Association: N/A
Year: 1990
Location: USA

Recipes from this book: Coke Roast

Title: Cooking with Durham County Junior Farmers
Association: Durham County Junior Farmers
Year: 1979
Location: Durham County, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Wieners and Beans, Lemon Fluff

Title: Celebration Cookbook
Association: Canadian Bible Society
Year: 2006
Location: Canada-wide

Recipes from this book: Clodhoppers, Gumdrop Cake, Overnight Cinnamon Buns, Resurrection Rolls, Eggnog Dessert, Magic Cake, Bacardi Rum Cake

Title: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 99 Cookbook
Association: Royal Canadian Legion
Year: N/A
Location: Belleville, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Suzanne's Peanut Candy Bar Cake, Pumpkin Dessert

Title: Treasured Recipes
Association: Birr United Church
Year: 2002
Location: Ilderton, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Easy Brunch Eggs, Painful Turds
Title: Desserts Preserves Candy Pastry Miscellaneous
Association: A.R.C Industries
Year: N/A
Location: Napanee, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Sweet Marie Bars, Impossible Tuna Pie, Mock Apple Pie

Title: Centennial Central School Cook Book
Association: Centennial School
Year: 1995
Location: Arva, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Fudgsicles, Fibre-Rich Bean Muffins, Tootsie Roll Squares

Title: Our Favourite Recipes
Association: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Women's League
Year: 1984
Location: Belleville, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Copper Pennies

Title: 75th Anniversary Cookbook
Association: Paterson Memorial Presbyterian Church
Year: 2006
Location: Sarnia, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Black Forest Cake, Yum Yum Bars, Heavenly Angel Cake

Title: Our Favourite Recipes
Association: C.F.B. Winnipeg Ceramic Club
Year: 1986
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Recipes from this book: Hot Cheese in Pastry, Veggie Dip

Title: 20th Anniversary Cook Book of the Mount Royal United Church
Association: Mount Royal United Church
Year: 1983
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Recipes from this book: Ribbon Salad, After Dinner Mints, Bun Spread, Soda Cracker Squares

Title: Look 'N Cook
Association: Mothers Auxiliary 4th Port Hope Brownie Pack
Year: 1975
Location: Port Hope, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Sister Vincentia's Cheeseburger Meat Loaf

Title: Home Town Recipes of Amherstburg
Association: Wesley United Church U.C.W.
Year: N/A
Location: Amherstburg, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Peanut Butter Gems

Title: Belleville Shrine Club Recipe Collection
Association: Belleville Shrine Club
Year: 2006
Location: Belleville, Ontario

Recipes from this book: Miracle Whip Cake, Impossible Taco Pie, Carnival Cookies

Title: That's Trump: More Recipes from The Best of Bridge
Association: N/A
Year: 1995
Location: Canada
Recipes from this book: Eat More..More...More....

Title: London Newcomers' Cook Book
Association: London Newcomers Association
Year: 1983
Location: London, Ontario
Recipes from this book: "This is Terrible - the Soda is Overwhelming!" Cherry Pudding, Pink Thing

Title: "Cooked up" by 3 H Club Cook Book
Association: 3 H Club
Year: 1969
Location: Paris, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Cabbage Roll Casserole

Title: The Village Cookbook
Association: N/A
Year: N/A
Location: Florenceville, New Brunswick
Recipes from this book: Special K Squares

Title: Knox 2000
Association: Knox United Church
Year: 2000
Location: Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
Recipes from this book: White Stuff

Title: Royal Recipes: For the Love of Tiny Hearts
Association: Children's Hospital Association
Year: N/A
Location: Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec
Recipes from this book: Shortbread cookies, Black Forest Squares

Title: Royal Recipes for our Community
Association: Royal Bank
Year: N/A
Location: Digby and Weymouth, Nova Scotia
Recipes from this book: Ritz Christmas Treats

Title: Mixed Blessings
Association: Salem United Church
Year: 1986
Location: N/A
Recipes from this book: Cocktail Meatballs, Seven Layer Casserole

Title: What's Cooking at St. Joseph
Association: St. Joseph School
Year: 2001
Location: N/A
Recipes from this book: Rum balls, Spinach Dip, Taco Salad

Title: Cherished Recipes
Association: Cobalt Public Library
Year: N/A
Location: Cobalt, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Lynda's Pina Colada Muffins

Title: What's Cooking
Association: Trinity United Church
Year: 1954
Location: Ontario (not sure of city)
Recipes from this book: Ragged Robins

Title: Caring for Life 95th Anniversary Cookbook
Association: Victorian Order of Nurses, Quinte Branch
Year: 1992
Location: Trenton, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Hamburger Helper Soup

Title: But Can She Cook?
Association: Casey AIDS Hospice
Year: 1993
Location: Toronto, ON
Recipes from this book: Patsy Recline's Dingle Hoofers

Title: Havasu Regional Hospital Auxiliary
Association: same
Year: N/A
Location: Lake Hasavu City, Arizona
Recipes from this book: Pineapple Casserole

Title: The Cooking Secrets of First United Church Women
Association: First United Church
Year: N/A
Location: Port Credit, Mississauga
Recipes from this book: Corn Ring

Title: Women Ministries Cook Book
Association: Calvary Pentecostal Church
Year: N/A
Location: Lindsay, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Idiot Cake

Title: Centennial Cookbook: A Collection of Employee Recipes
Association: National Mfg. Co.
Year: 2001
Location: Rockfalls and Sterling, IL
Recipes from this book: Buster Bar Dessert, Barbara Mandrell's Pig Out Cake, Pepsi Cake, Old-Fashioned Salt Dough Ornaments

Title: Country Favourites Cookbook
Association: Mitchell's Corners Home and School Association
Year: N/A
Location: Mitchell's Corners, ON
Recipes from this book: Little Pizza, Shreddies Clusters

Title: Our Family Favourites
Association: Stirling Primary/Junior School
Year: N/A
Location: Stirling, ON
Recipes from this book: Tortilla Pizza, Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Title: What's in the Oven?
Association: N/A
Year: 1989
Location: N/A
Recipes from this book: Dacquiri Pah, Dream Loaf

Title: Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls
Association: N/A
Year: 1981
Location: N/A
Recipes from this book: Eggs in Bologna Cups

Title: The Chocolate Town Cookbook
Association: St. Stephen Area Business Retail Action Group (BRAG)
Year: 2001
Location: St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Recipes from this book: The Greatest Chocolate Dessert Ever

Title: A Taste of Friendship
Association: Woodbridge United Church Women
Year: 2006
Location: Woodbridge, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Stovetop Potpourri

Title: Season's Delights
Association: The Ladies of Parklawn Presbyterian Church
Year: N/A
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Church Windows

Title: Baker's Cut-Up Cake Party Book
Association: N/A
Year: 1973
Location: N/A
Recipes from this book: Christmas Tree Cake

Title: A Commemorative Cookbook...with a "Pinch of History"
Association: Whitby Psychiatric Hospital
Year: 1991
Location: Whitby, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Peanut Butter Bonbons

Title: Wheatland Cooks Celebrate
Association: Wheatland U.C.W.
Year: 1980
Location: Wheatland, Saskatchewan
Recipes from this book: Cherry Loaf, Marshmallow Waldorf Salad

Title: "from our kitchens...with love"
Association: Glen Ayr United Church Women
Year: 1978
Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Cheghetti

Title: The Popcorn Lover's Handbook
Association: N/A
Year: 1985
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Recipes from this book: BBQ Chicken Popcorn

Title: Best Recipes This Side of Heaven
Association: Anglican Church of Canada
Year: 1989
Location: Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Recipes from this book: Sex in a Pan

Title: Happiness is Cooking
Association: Lockhart School
Year: 1973
Location: Newcastle, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Salmon Loaf

Title: Madoc Centennial Cookbook
Association: St.-John-the-Baptist Anglican Church
Year: 1978
Location: Madoc, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Homemade Stovetop Stuffing, Egg-in-a-Hole, Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Title: This Legion is Still Cooking
Association: Royal Canadian Legion Cowichan Branch 53
Year: N/A
Location: Duncan, British Columbia
Recipes from this book: Lazy Perogie Casserole

Title: Pie Fare from Paris Fair
Association: N/A
Year: N/A
Location: Paris, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Meat and Tater Pie

Title: Favourite Recipes
Association: Crumlin United Church
Year: 1984
Location: Thorndale, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Temptation, Ants on Logs

Title: The New Y Cookbook
Association: YM-YWCA
Year: 1976
Location: Owen Sound, Ontario
Recipes from this book: The Thing

Title: From Our...Kitchen...To Yours
Association: Eden United Church
Year: 1974
Location: Dundonald, Ontario
Recipes from this book: Strawberries

Title: Kitchen Tested Recipes from Milford
Association: Milford United Church
Year: N/A
Location: Milford, Nova Scotia
Recipes from this book: Tang Shake


  1. As a Brit married to a Canadian I have always been mystified by husband's favourite food choices, but having listened to your interview today on CBC all has been revealed! I know now it's not his fault - he grew up in Lorne Park, Mississauga in the late 60's and 70's, and his mother made several contributions to various recipe collections...
    Bless him - next time he asks for cheeze Whiz on white Wonder bread, maybe I'll allow it.

    1. Not only should you allow it, Sarah, you should try it yourself. The next think you know, you could be packing up, moving to Lorne Park and spending your days frying up bologna sandwiches.

  2. I enjoyed your piece on CBC today and was telling my husband about it. His mother is a caker. He told me of one of her favourite 'recipes' to serve to guests was a parfait of sour cream and cherry pie filling. This and other caker recipes always came with one or more of the following comments; "Can you believe that's all it is?" or "You can't even tell it's Ritz crackers!" or "You wouldn't think that would taste good together!".

    1. Thanks, Lee. Caker dishes are usually accompanied with those sayings. Also, many recipe titles have the words "Easy" and "No-Bake" and "Lazy" in them. We're not the most ambitious people in the kitchen. But who has time to cook when there's bowling?

  3. I grew up with many of these foods! I really enjoyed the interview and the memories it brought to mind. It appears I have not left this behind as dinner last night had both potato chips AND mushroom soup in it!

    1. I think potato chips and mushroom soup belong in their own food category, Christie. Hope you enjoyed whatever it was you made.

  4. Hi Brian,

    Have you ever seen any 4H cookbooks? I am sure they would be a wealth of caker recipes.


    1. Hi Michael. I don't have a 4H cookbook, but I do have a 1969 3H cookbook from Paris, Ontario. It says that the H stands for Home, Health and Hobbies. But now I'm curious about the 4H books. What would the 4th H stand for?

  5. Like so many others, I looked up your website after hearing you on The Next Chapter. I appreciated seeing your cookbooks. Though I only own one of the books you show, my small library of recipe books share some of the same cover illustrations. My daughter was here last week trying to declutter my house, and couldn't understand why I was keeping all these collection cookbooks. "Name me one recipe you make out them," she demanded. Well, mostly I just like reading them. Oh, and you asked if any were from out hometowns. Well, I was born in Outlook though I no longer live there.

    1. You hang onto those cookbooks! And I'm right along with you when you say you like reading them. They're not always for cooking. I have cookbooks that don't have caker recipes, but they're so interesting to go through. Each one is a snapshot of a community and an era.

  6. Well having listened to you on CBC and looking at your Blog, all is revealed to me! Have not laughed so hard or had so many flashbacks to my childhood in the 60's and 70s in Saskatchewan as reading the blog. I am a Caker through and through. Growing up the cupboard was full for Campbells cream soups and canned mushrooms. Could go on forever about variations on a Tuna Casserole but will spare everyone. Will be following your blog faithfully..!

    1. Hi Ian. Glad to hear you're embracing your caker roots. I was thinking about posting a recipe for Puffed Wheat Squares. Are they a prairie thing? I wasn't sure. My mom used to make them sometimes. I think you DO need to go on about the variations of Tuna Casserole. Believe me, there's nowhere more appropriate than this blog!

  7. I loved the interview you did on the Next Chapter, when I moved to Australia 17 years ago , my mom would mail me cookbooks from the local church and ones my auntie's church guild put out. Now that my mom is no longer alive, I treasure these even more, I am waiting for my chocolate cake made with sour cream and coca cola to cook, everyone who eats it loves it and it gives me a little thrill to tell them it has coke and sour cream in it. Thanks for giving us Cakers a voice!

    1. I'm happy to give a voice to cakers everywhere. You should post the chocolate cake recipe. I've never heard of one make with Coca Cola! I learn something new on this blog everyday.

    2. here is the recipe for Coca Cola chocolate cake
      Dry ingredients:
      -1 1/2 cups plain flour
      -1 cup of sugar
      -1 cup of brown sugar
      -2 tsp baking powder
      -1/4 tsp baking soda
      -3/4 cup cocoa
      -1/4 tsp salt

      Wet Ingredients
      -1 cup of sour cream
      -1 cup of coke
      -1/2 cup vegetable oil
      -2 eggs

      sift dry ingredients in a bowl, mix wet ingredients together, add wet to dry and don't overmix. Cook on a low temperature for 55 minutes, but it all depends on your ovens temperment.

      Hope you enjoy it. If you cook it too long it is yuck, but if you can get it out at the right time, it's kinda like mud cake.

    3. Thanks for this! I'm definitely going to give this one a whirl at some point. It's just too caker too pass up.

  8. Great interview with Sheila! Do you happen to have any regimental recipe books in your collection? I've spent a great deal of time (working in the archives)with the Black Watch Regiment here in Montreal who has produced their own recipe book. Was curious as to whether you had come across it or any other regimental recipe books?

    1. Hi Eliot. I don't have any regimental cookbooks that I can think of. But I'll definitely keep my eye open for one. And I don't have any cookbooks from Quebec, so would definitely love to find one to round out my collection.

  9. I was given the "Let's Break Bread Together" cookbook by my ex's Caker grandma. It is treasured! Growing up in the '70s in a Ukrainian-Canadian family, we rolled our eyes and muttered "mangiacake", even though my Mom would serve us pork chops cooked in cream of mushroom soup. When I was dragged along to baby showers, etc, I was fascinated that marshmallows and Jello was considered a salad, and not dessert.

    You've inspired my group of friends to throw a themed dinner party, I think I'll bring the Cheeseburger Ring from the above-mentioned treasure trove. I'm craving it now.

    1. Hi Cassandra. I'm glad you've been inspired to host a party. My annual Caker Christmas party is one of the highlights of the season for numerous people. Well, a couple of people. OK. Maybe just me. If you DO have a caker-themed party, just make sure you keep lots of water on hand to counteract the sodium. And a some Peptol Bismol shooters might be appreciated, as well. I made Cheeseburger Ring a few years back. It's pretty tasty.

  10. Hi Brian, I'm sorry I missed your interview. I will have to hunt for it. A year or so ago, we hosted our dinner club the Saturday before Mother's Day and the theme was Let's Cook Like Mom. Technically, it was not a "caker" theme but of course many of the dishes we made fell into that category. Some were amazingly good and others were not but it was so much fun and we all had a fantastic time. We had interesting appetizers made from rolled and flattened Wonder Bread, beef stroganoff, jello salad, homemade bread, butter tarts... Very enjoyable evening and many wonderful and funny memories.

    1. Hi Jeanne. You can find a link to the interview in the "About Me" section. Or just click on the CBC logo in the right hand margin. Your Let's Cook Like Mom event sounds like a good one. I think I have a recipe for that rolled Wonder Bread you mention. The bottom line is that's what food should be about - enjoyable evenings and memories.

  11. Title: St. Mary's C.W.L. Grafton Cookbook
    Association: Catholic Women's League
    Year: 1993
    Location: St. Mary's, Ontario

    Recipes from this book: Pineapple Cream Cake, Low Calorie Salad, Novelty Dancing Snowballs
    Minor mistake...

    The above book you list is not from St. Mary's Ontario, but from Grafton Ontario, St. Mary's Church.

    B. Lang Walker
    PS: Great Website!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll make that change.

  12. I think a lot of these recipes were a result of the '50s move to processed food. What child of the 60s doesn't remember those Kraft food ads (while watching Ed Sullivan) with the perfectly manicured female hands showing off the latest recipe using processed cheese with the male voice over?

    1. Never underestimate the marketing power of a good male voice over.

  13. I got blindsided by an association cookbook. Haldimand Junior Farmers put together a cookbook in 1980. My husband, who worked in the extension services, kept being bugged by the Junior Farmers to submit a recipe. He looked through an OMAF publication and submitted a recipe for Onion Quiche.
    I received the Junior Farmer cookbook as a shower gift, I was looking to surprise my new husband with a special meal. I saw the recipe he had submitted to "My Favourite Recipe Cookbook". I proceeded to make the onion quiche , ebven making the pie shell from a box.
    I was so proud as it turned out great. When I served it he asked what it was? I said proudly your Favourite Onion Quiche. To which he replied it is not my favourite and I will not eat it. How was I to know??

    1. Well, I guess you learned your lesson with that one! Never assume the person who submitted the recipe has actually made the recipe. I have a theory that many of the recipes my mom submitted for the various church cookbooks were taken from TV Guide without her having actually made any. She denied it, but I have my doubts.