Caker Hall of Fame

While almost every dish featured on this blog can be considered a caker winner, some dishes shine darker brighter than others. These are the dishes that embrace the heart and soul of caker cooking more than any others. So I've christened them as "Caker Hall of Fame" dishes. If you're going to start somewhere, start with these classics.

Bun appetite!

Watergate Salad
Also known as "Pistachio Salad," this dish has been served by every caker's grandmother at some point. Usually, alongside roast beef.

Mock Apple Pie
The pie that launched a thousand questions. Why Ritz crackers? Who thought of this? Why does it taste like apples? Stop asking and start eating.

Quick and Easy Skor Bars
Who knew that saltines and brown sugar could create something so decadent? Oh, right. Cakers.

Dump Cake
The delicious dessert with the unfortunate name is as easy to make as throwing stuff together in a pan. Wait a minute. That's exactly how you make it.

Tomato Soup Cake
Soup in cake? You bet! Just don't try it with Chicken Noodle.

Broccoli Casserole
Every caker's favourite vegetable dish. Why? Cheez Whiz!

Chocolate Haystacks
A staple of church bazaar bake tables. Serve on styrofoam from ground beef packaging.

Schwartzies Hash Browns
Caker comfort food at its finest. And cheesiest. And melted butteriest.

Hello Dollies
So easy. So good. I don't know who Dolly was, but she's a heroine of cakers everywhere.

Impossible Pie
A pie you put in the blender? Yup.

5-Cup Salad
Also known as Ambrosia Salad, this dish has been confusing cakers for years. Is it a dessert or a side dish?

Miracle Whip Cake
No eggs? No oil? No problem!

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