Friday 26 October 2012

Caker Sharing is Caker Caring: Pink Thing

Awhile back, I gave Caker Cooking readers the chance to win a copy of my novel, Natural Order, along with a handwritten caker recipe. I had two a lot of entries and fellow blogger Mimi was one of the winners. The recipe I selected for her was called "Pink Thing."

Mimi, being the good sport she is, recently made Pink Thing and posted the recipe and results on her own blog, 1972: The Retro WW Experiment. I think Mimi will agree with me when I say there's nothing better than a good serving of Pink Thing.

In addition to Mimi’s post, another blogger, Lisa, posted the results of her own caker cooking experiment on her blog, Beyond the Fringes. She made something called "Green Cake" which doesn't look like much of a cake, but at least it's green. Or sea foamy.

Speaking of contests, check out Caker Cooking on Monday when the finalists in my first-ever Apple Head competition are revealed! The winner will be decided by YOU, so don’t forget to cast your vote. And let me tell you – based on the entries I've received so far, the competition is going to be fierce.

See you Monday.

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