Thursday 4 November 2021

Pretzel Christmas Ornaments

Even though bazaars aren’t happening this year, Caker Cooking is back! Every week throughout November, I’ll post a bazaar craft that you can make at home. I’ll also pair it with one of my favourite Caker Cooking holiday recipes from years gone by. 

I don’t know about you, but, as a kid, I always thought pretzels were the most boring snack ever. Even more boring than dry-as-dust Melba Toast. Pretzels didn't come in different flavours, like chips, they were overly salty and no prizes ever came in the bag. But since coming across this Christmas craft idea in my 1978 copy of McCall’s Christmas Bazaar magazine, it’s time for me to rethink my pretzel prejudice. 

The Bugle one would make a nice broach. So long as you're not averse to grease stains.

To make these elegant ornaments, you need an assortment of pretzel shapes and sizes as well as Honeycomb cereal, Ritz Crackers, Cheerios and Bugles. The original instructions called for balls of cheese, but can you imagine how those ornaments would smell in a few weeks? That’s one way to keep the relatives away this holiday season! LOL! So I opted for Corn Pops. Because when in doubt, always opt for Corn Pops. 


The best thing about this craft is that no talent is required. And there’s no wrong way to do it. Create as many different shapes as your artistic spirit moves you. Just try not to eat too much of your supplies as you’re making them.  

Be careful if you use a glue gun because I burned myself repeatedly. Let’s just say I uttered a few choice words that should never be overheard across the knit table at a church bazaar. The good news is that my skin is slowly starting to grow back.


Add a gay ribbon to string them up and you're all set. The nice thing about these ornaments is that they’ll last forever, thanks to the preservatives.

You'll have to nibble on a few to get the right shape.

In terms of a recipe, I’m pairing these pretzel ornaments with a Caker Cooking holiday classic: Santa’s Balls. 

Hold these balls gently. Never squeeze them.

I made these back in 2014 and they’re really tender. As if Santa’s Balls would be anything less. Just don’t forget to roll them in shredded coconut to lend that air of authenticity. You can find the recipe here.

Come back next week for a "prescription" for the happiest holiday season ever!

Craft Source: McCall's Christmas Bazaar 


  1. I love these sooooo much! They are so '70s looking.

    1. Thank you! I think they turned out pretty well. And yes to the retro vibes. I see them in a living room with a green shag carpet and hanging macrame plant holders.

  2. I think if you spray enough lacquer on that "bugle brooch", you can solve the grease proble! (expert brooch wearer!)

    1. Either that or only wear polyester blouses for easy cleaning. And noted on my “broach” typo. Although seeing it spelled correctly makes me want to call it a brooo-ch.

    2. I just noticed I come up as "Unknown". It's Melanie by the way, although the broooooch reference may have given me away!

    3. I wondered if that was you. :) No one else I know would zero in on the brooch comment. I hope you're doing well!