Sunday 6 November 2022

Bazaar-o-Rama 2022

It’s been a long two years, but I’m happy to say that bazaars are back, baby!

I can’t tell you the joy I felt the other day, stepping into my first church basement since COVID, and smelling that percolated coffee. To mark this momentous occasion, I’m resurrecting Bazaar-o-Rama, my annual church bazaar tour, on Caker Cooking. I don’t know if most bazaars are coming back, but I’ll do my best to hunt them down throughout November and post my treasures.


So, what did I score on my first week out? 

Lifesaver Ornament

“Do you think the Butter Rum Lifesavers are still okay to eat?” I asked the lady behind the table.

“I don’t think so,” she said.This was 25 cents.

Shower Cap

At first, I couldn’t figure out how to put this on. But thanks to the internet, I’m now walking around my house looking like Little Edie. Just when the neighbours thought I couldn’t get any gayer. This was 6 dollars.

Noel Fridge Magnet

This is a perfect way to remind yourself that it’s Christmas every time you go to the fridge for your third round of eggnog. This is also a great gift for anyone named Leon who reads bottom to top. This was 25 cents.


These handmade mittens fit like a glove and were a steal at 6 dollars.

Clothespin Angel

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who see a clothespin as something for hanging clothes. And those who see a clothespin and say, “Hold on a minute. Let me get my tulle.” This was 25 cents.

Ink Drawing

My best find! This signed print shows the intersection of King and Sherborne in Toronto, the city where I live. It’s signed by the artist and dated 1972. I’m going to get it reframed and it will be worth millions. This was 2 dollars.

Jar Opener

This comes in handy when you have arthritis and you’re trying to open a jar of pickles. It also comes in handy if you’ve had a gummy and you’re trying to open a jar of pickles, a jar of Nutella, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of Miracle Whip.

Old New Brunswick Kitchens Cookbook

There’s a recipe in this for Pressed Pig’s Feet. It begins, “Ask the butcher to leave toes on.” I’m sorry, New Brunswick, but you lost me there. This was 25 cents.

Assorted Cookies

There was a Cookie Walk at this bazaar. Which means you select the cookies you want. I made sure to pick up a Shortbread with a Maraschino Cherry sliver and a Chocolate Haystack. One dozen cookies were 6 dollars.

Booze Infused Cakes Cookbook

This book is guaranteed to have your guests proclaiming, “Thiz cake is juzzz great!” This was 25 cents.

Irish Soda Scone

Every time I go to this bazaar, they have Irish Soda Scones for sale. Every time, I buy one. Every time I taste it, I don’t like it. Some Irish traditions are hard to break, I guess. This was 75 cents.

What will I find on my next bazaar outing? Stay tuned to find out! 


And if you want more Bazaar-o-Ramas from days of yore, check out my posts from 2014, 2013 and 2012.


  1. The print was a major score. Really mittens that fit like a glove, one would hope so. That is a good price for them. When I came back to Canada from the UK in 1976, I had those dolly pegs packed loose in my suitcase as it was the only way they would fit. I see clothes pegs as multipurpose. I have some Irish blood in me but would skip those scones. They need cream and jam to work properly. Thanks Brian.

    1. Thanks for reading. I agree six bucks is a good price for those mittens. And never underestimate the artistic possibilities of a clothes peg.

  2. I can't see anything made of plastic canvas without thinking of my grandma. I'm not sure whether she made "NOEL/ LEON" magnets, but I have a plastic canvas snowman she made that will have to go on my fridge soon.

    1. Same for my grandma. Along with snowmen (made with cotton batting and coffee tins) and ornaments made with pipe cleaners and propellor beads. (And which I'll be making this year. Wish me luck.)

    2. I am so jealous about that print. I live kitty-corner to that building and I am looking at it while I type this!

    3. Well, look at this way. I may have the print, but you have the real deal. Although your view is 50 years later...